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Have you ever gotten the sense that something greater awaits you? That there is a larger purpose you have yet to achieve? Whatever failures-or-success you have experienced, have you even wondered? "Is this it? Is this all I can expect? Shouldn't there be more?

The answer is Yes! And you don't have to wait for it, you already have it!

Crafted for the woman who senses something greater on the horizon, but feels stuck in life, There Is More will teach you to how break barriers, transcend limitations and recognize your potential to create more in your business, profession, relationships and life.

8 Steps to Embracing the Greater You

Certified life coach and motivational speaker Niki Brown knows that a life of greatness doesn't arrive on your doorstep. It must be cultivated.

There is More will empower you to:
• Discover more purpose in what you're doing
• Pursue more of what you are passionate about
• Become more fearless in your authenticity
• Unlock more potential in your present environment
• Create more peace in relationships
• Build more momentum to activate your dreams
• Take more risks by using faith and fear
• Create more in every moment and season of your life

If you are on a quest to discover something greater, There Is More will help you unlock the keys to your own potential and success.

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Niki Talks About "There Is More!"

Listen in on why, "There Is More!" will challenge your perception, excite your passion, and release the "greater you!"


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A modern-day approach to The Purpose Driven Life, Reverend Niki Brown fascinates with a step by step guide to unlocking our seen and unseen purpose and passions.

There Is More delivers with transparent and compassionate life examples that will thrust one into realizing the greatness that resides in each of us.


Minister Kim Young Woods, M.Ed.

Founder of LifeChangers Ministries

Niki Brown's passion and wisdom are contagious.

Everyone should catch what she has, and once you start reading There Is More, you'll be infected with her positive, empowering message.


Bob Hostetler

Best-selling author of The Red Letter Life

Within these pages, Niki Brown lays out a plan for becoming the best version of yourself. She clearly articulates how to hit the bulls’ eye that was ordained for just you.

After 30 years in human services, finding ways to empower people to take back their lives and make a difference has become a primary mission. Niki Brown shares a no holds barred pathway to finding mission and “fulfilling it” .


Chris Groeber, MSW

CEO, Key Assets Kentucky

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Have you ever come to that kind of crossroad, one at which you realize that your external life is—and possibly always has been—out of sync with the internal rhythm and heartbeat of who you should be? A place where there is a palpable sense of something greater in existence, yet you struggle to bring it to fruition?

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About the writer

Do You Know Who I Am?

Niki Brown is a highly respected and sought- after motivational speaker, leader, and minister whose message of empowerment has helped hundreds of women. Known for her dynamic, yet practical style of communication she has traveled around the country presenting as a keynote speaker at churches, women’s’ conferences, and workshops.

Niki Brown


As a therapist, Certified Life Coach and former Women’s Pastor with over 15 years experiences, she has inspired women to realize the steps towards living a life full of passion, authenticity, and wholeness within their relationships and themselves. In 2004, Niki created the Breath of Life Counseling program which remains in operation in Lindenwold, New Jersey. Under her leadership, the program had a direct intentional focus to help men, women and families improve their emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual well-being through therapeutic counseling. Currently, she is the Founder and CEO of Purpose by Design, LLC which is a holistic life development business aimed at empowering women in their business and profession to redefine their purpose and move into progressive living.

Her yearly empowerment summit IGNITE, as well as her online coaching and workshop tools is inspiring women to maximize their potential and achieve the success they desire. Niki resides in Lexington, KY and is married to her best friend Harold and together they have one daughter, Myka.

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